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Solar Net Metering

Net-metering is one of the many benefits of producing your own electricity.

Most photovoltaic systems (solar arrays) are tied into your local utility’s power grid. Grid-tied systems offer the ability to integrate power supplied by the utility company and power produced by your system. At times when your system is not producing enough power to meet your needs, the power grid can act as a supplement.

And, with a grid tied system, power produced in excess of what you’re consuming does not go to waste. It is fed back into the grid and accounted for by a bi-directional meter through a system known as net-metering.

Net-metering allows your local utility company to easily monitor the electricity your system produces. Following the installation, Garden State will arrange for the installation of a net-meter which, unlike your standard meter, accounts for electricity fed back into the power grid by your system. At times when your system is producing more energy than your building is consuming, YOU are supplementing the utility company and they will buy that power from you at the SAME RATE that you buy it from them.

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