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These are the obvious benefits of producing your own energy. What many donít realize is that when you combine government incentives, the SREC program, MACRs depreciation, and electricity savings, your system can pay for itself in as little as 4 years and begin to produce a profit. Please browse through our site and try out our calculators to learn more.
Why Solar Power

We are all aware of the energy crisis our nation faces. We have seen the problems created by our dependence on foreign oil and there is no denying the impact of our energy consumption on the Earthís environment. Change on a large scale is necessary. Each of us can do our part without sacrifice by using the sun, an infinite resource, to power our homes and businesses.

Benefits of Solar Power

Unlimited power source
Preserve the Earthís fossil fuel resources
Freedom from rising utility rates
Increase the value of your home/business
Reduce or eliminate your electric bill
Earn income through SREC trading
Generous government incentives

Garden State Solar is your leading residential and commercial solar power solutions provider located in Middletown New Jersey 07748. We specialize in solar power solutions, solar energy, solar roof panels, solar installation and solar financing. We are a certified Sun Power Dealer. Call us at 732-787-5545.

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